About stephencox.net

This site is a collections of things I've done or things I like online. Much if the content of is not on this site and the cards link to pages and resources on other sites.

This is the 4th incarnation of stephencox.net. Each one has been designed and created by me and has used a new technology. I have used the creation of each version of the site to learn about new web technologies. The first version was a static HTML site and was programmed using a basic text editor as I learned about HTML and CSS. The next version was based on Wordpress, which I used to learn about writing plugins and creating themes in Wordpress. The last version was based on Drupal 7 and was the first to be fully responsive. This version was created in Drupal 8, while it was still in beta, and I learned all about SASS, SMACSS and BEM while creating it. There have been a lot of changes to Drupal between versions 7 and 8, and creating this version of the site helped me keep abreast of these while they were developing.